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Tips for a better life and Dennis advises a reader.


Household Hints

Check your flaps. With these high winds we been having lately, that's always a good idea to make sure anything you've got covered with a bit of tarpaulin because that's prone to damp is still tucked up snug. Many a good sheet of ply has been ruined for want of checking that was tucked in. And make sure it's robust against the hailstones. Try chucking marbles at your tarpaulin and if any go through, that's time for a new one.


Dear Dennis

A reader writesÖ

Dear Dennis,

I am that worried.

See, I'm in the general maintenance and handyman line up at the extrusions works and the foreman say if I put in for any more replacement hammers and screwdrivers and suchlike he won't sign the docket I've lost that many, he say.

Me trouble is, when I'm on the job I set me tools down without thinking and when I reach for them they're gone. I lost a 2ft Stanley smoothing plane last Wednesday. Is it just me? My missus says I'm past it but that's always plagued me.


Ernest Mervyn Flaxman,
2, The Roundabout,

Dennis of Grunty FenDennis repliesÖ

Don't fret so. Losing your stuff just proves you're a good workman. All good men lose their tools and that's because they've got theirs minds on theirs jobs. Have you tried rolling your own? A lot of men try rolling their own on account of that give them time to think where they've set theirs tools down. Anyhow, they all turn up in the end. I lost me favourite King Dick adjustable 1989 and that only turned up a week back.