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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Doc Wallace is the village GP. Formerly a Naval physician, he still has his talking parrot which takes part in consultations. His surgery is very popular with people who are perfectly well; find out why in An Evening at the Doctorís from the album Archive Editions 2. Warning: contains Ďcurative vapoursí.

Matron runs the Cottage Hospital like a private hotel where the ambulance is available for light removals and outings.

The District Nurse is a respected disciplinarian going on her rounds in a ĎTudorí (Morris Traveller) car.

The Hospital Bed Fence separates Dennisís plot and Farmer Saltmarshís land. Dennis Ďadjustsí it a couple of inches every year to his advantage.

The fence is made of old hospital beds which rattle in the wind - because the legs are full of pills hidden there by patients long ago.

Granís Cure is a song made up by Dennis in praise of his grandmotherís herbal potion which could remedy just about everything from flaking scalp to athleteís foot. Itís on the album The Bomb Photo.