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The LNER: Inside


Inside The LNER

Dennis of Grunty Fen

Accommodation includes the First Class, used as Granís bedroom, a smaller compartment for Dennis, the Parlour and the Scullery.

The front door leads directly into the Parlour which is furnished with a sofa (behind which Gran accumulates her growing collection of Royal Family magazines), a cooking range and a table covered in willow-pattern oil cloth on which stands the cruet containing a range of condiments including witchhazel, liniment and penetrating oil.

There is also the Chiffonier, about which Mr South says:

ĎI never cease to marvel at the sheer variety and quantity of items stored in that single drawer of the small sideboard standing in one corner of the LNER Parlour: everything from the bookmark Gran carried in her prayer book the day she was married more than 70 years ago to the throttle linkage trunnion grommets from a 1957 Caterpillar tractor.í

Dennis of Grunty Fen with one of his rude rootsThe back door of the LNER leads into the Scullery through the Wardrobe Porch, converted from an item of bedroom furniture and containing Dennisís startling collection of Rude Roots - mainly carrots, parsnips and potatoes depicting various aspects of the human body.

The Meat Safe hangs in the Wardrobe Porch. Made of perforated zinc, it serves as a fridge and means Dennis and Gran will never starve because there is always something in it even in the hardest times - usually half a dish of macaroni cheese and a few slices of the í43 Spam. Another reliable source of support in any emergency is the lining of Dennisís mac, which contains string, tools, Zubes, toffees, etc.

Outside the LNER

Items of Special Interest