Here we find three early, feature-length conversations between Dennis of Grunty Fen and Mr South which were not broadcast on the wireless: Tha's All In Ya Loif (the very first collection), Tiger Tales, and The Bomb Photo.

In THA'S ALL IN YA LOIF Dennis tells Mr South about The LNER (the converted railway carriage home that he shares with his 92-yr-old Gran) and the various sheds which surround it. Some pertinent questions (and a few impertinent ones) are answered regarding Dennis's mum, his love-life and his 'trouble'. All this interspersed with plenty of songs.

TIGER TALES is an hour's wallow in the some Grunty Fen history as Dennis educates Mr South about the Fen Tigers of yesteryear, plus there are six songs as well - including the fabulous Ladder to The Moon.

THE BOMB PHOTO is a look back at Dennis's childhood as he finds a school photo with a difference. Musically, there's another six songs including the wistful Me Tortoise.

Warning: Because these are very early recordings, you may hear Mr South sounding interested and entertained - sometimes even enthusiastic. We wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression of him, so if this is your first taste of Grunty Fen, then try one of the later episodes as well - perhaps The Coal-Yard Christmas Party from Archive Editions 1 when Mr South is at his weary best.

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