Archive Editions 1

A message from Mr South:

My winter evening treat is to settle down and play back some of the hundreds of Dennis of Grunty Fen episodes that Pete Sayers and I made together over almost 20 years.

Because they often tell tales and involve characters I had half forgotten, they take me by surprise and I find myself laughing out loud because I didn't know what was coming next.

In the belief that old fans and new converts to our Grunty Fen insanity might care to share a few such nostalgic evenings, Miss Edwards and I decided to start an ARCHIVE EDITIONS series. Each edition will sample a run of episodes covering a few weeks so that we get a sense of the period they come from.

Archive Editions 1 covers six episodes broadcast during November and December 2004. It kicks off with one of my all-time favourites, The Late Harvest Festival, then there's the sticky story of Gran's Toffee, the touching tale of Effie Pepperdine, the tragi-comedy of Dennis and Maudie at the Coal Yard Christmas party and, for very good measure, the famous two episodes examining in embarrassing detail how Dennis made a fool of me at my own profession.

Running time: over 70 minutes of pure Grunty Fen-ness.

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