New to Grunty Fen?


Then prepare to enter a world quite different from the one you live in. For a start, it’s probably damper and considerably simpler.

A place best visited by accident, this forgotten part of the country is not so much ‘off the beaten track’ as ‘off the unbeaten track’ and has for centuries been seen as a drab wasteland lacking charm, comfort and anything of note.

Against all advice, journalist Chris South has been determined to document this bleak wilderness and its resilient, if unmodernised, people.  From an array of misfits he found a willing ally: a sly, crafty, self-sufficient and slightly surly fenman who lives with his 92-year-old Gran in a converted Edwardian railway carriage and who goes by the name of

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If you’re new to Grunty Fen, we recommend that you start by reading A Brief Guide and if that doesn’t put you off,  read A Message From Dennis.  A mugful of something strong might help. After that, you’re free to click away to your heart’s content. If you’re of a nervous disposition, keep the light on.

If you know your way round already, just be careful where you tread and wipe your wellies when you’re done.