Who’s Who in Grunty Fen

WW Cover Harts

Who’s Who in Grunty Fen is now available from local bookshops, Amazon and Dennis’s shop!  Plus there’s a Free Fencast in which Mr South explains just why he felt the need to write this new book, and talks about some of the characters in it.  Plus there’s a free Dennis episode to listen to! It’s a sample from The Best of Dennis Volume 1 and it’s Dennis and Mr South talking about cricket. To find out more and to listen to the podcast plus free episode, please go to Podcasts for details.

Best of Dennis Volume 1 released


Bod Vol 1 15pc

The Best of Dennis Volume 1 is now available from Dennis’s shop!  Originally issued on cassette in 1988, this collection reveals – amongst other things – what happened when Dennis when for a haircut, what you have to take into account when building a privy, problems with pigeons, having a bath and going to Cromer.
Plus there are six of Dennis’s songs, including There Ain’t no Flies on Me and the lovely Honolulu Moon. Please note that at 90 mins in length this is a double CD. So if your old tapes are wearing out, now’s your chance to get a CD or download!